Instructions for abstract presenters

Oral Presentations

As you have previously been informed, the research reported in all abstracts will be presented orally via PowerPoint on Friday, 15 September. The four EADPH members who have been selected to compete for the Haleon Research Awards are each asked to prepare PowerPoint slides for a 12 minute presentation follow by 3 minutes for questions. The other 97 presenters will present their PowerPoint slides, in one of ten groups. The provisional schedule is available here. Each presenter is allocated five minutes for their presentation followed by two minutes for questions. In order to meet this time constraint, do not produce more than eight PowerPoint slides.

In each group the first few presentations will be made in person in Riga. All in person presenters must go to the room in which they will be giving their presentation no later than 15 minutes before the start of the session, but preferably in the morning or any other break before the session to load their presentation on to the computer in the room.

Online presenters 

Online presenters share their presentations from their computers. For the livestream we will use Zoom. Please check that you have Zoom on your computer and latest updates have been made. Check your sound, internet connection, screen well in advance. We suggest you to use the headphones for better sound quality. Also for you it is suggested to connect to Zoom well advance and check your slides, your presentation.

After the congress all abstracts, which have been presented, will be published in the online pages of Community Dental Health.

Poster Presentations

You have previously been asked not to prepare hard copy posters to bring to Riga. However, you are requested to produce an e poster (digital poster), using the poster template and upload it to virtual platform no later than by 13 September (access to virtual platform provided in the first week of September). E-poster presentations will be available for viewing/commenting/discussion via the virtual platform throughout the 27th EADPH Congress AND on screens during coffee and lunch breaks. Secretariat will download your poster from the platform an upload it to poster screens. This will enable your abstract to be projected electronically, during coffee and lunch breaks throughout the congress.

The poster serves to engage congress attendees in your study. It is important to recognize that a visually appealing poster will draw in a larger audience and foster meaningful discussions. The interaction during poster viewing and presenter discussions can enhance the value derived from your study. Moreover, you can contribute to fellow researchers by actively engaging with their posters through thoughtful questioning. To ensure your poster captures attention, keep in mind the following tips: all attendees will have access to the abstract texts through pdf file and in the virtual platform, so you do not need to add all the abstract text on the poster. Use data visualizations to enhance the impact of your presentation.

Technical specification for e-poster preparation

Prepare your e-poster as a 1-page static image file (jpg or png) to be uploaded in 27th EADPH Congress virtual platform. It is mandatory to use the Powerpoint template.

  • File format: .jpg or .png (minimum resolution 1080x1920)
  • E-Poster size and orientation: portrait (vertical); use the poster template.
  • Do not forget to add your abstract number as required on template (upper right corner).
  • Hyperlinks, animated images, animations, and videos are not permitted for e-posters and will be non-functioning; however, we encourage you to add good data visualization through graphs and figures. Upload your .jpg or .png file in your virtual platform by navigating to your poster page under VIRTUAL POSTERS tab. Access to virtual platform has been sent to the corresponding authors in the first week of September from this e-mail address:  EADPH CONGRESS [email protected] Please check your junk/spam/promotions folder if you have not received the access. 
  • We also advise you to upload an additional PDF version of your poster as a downloadable file in your profile.
  • To ensure proper visibility, use font size of at least 16 points or larger. To test your poster before you upload it, print it for proofreading on paper (A4 size) and if it reads clearly from one meter then your electronic version will look fine.

Step by step guide for uploading your poster

Messaging with e-poster authors

The participants and scientific committee can chat/connect via call option with the poster presenter in the virtual platform and place comments into the poster's profile. We strongly suggest authors respond to questions/comments received. You can chat with e-poster authors by posting a comment under the e-poster profile page or via chat option.

Virtual meeting with e-poster authors

You can schedule a meeting with attendees/poster committee using the platform's "call" option.


By uploading your e-poster, you agree to having it published on the 27th EADPH Congress virtual platform and freely accessible to all participants.

Access to virtual platform

You will receive access and instructions for the virtual platform in the first week of September.


The deadline for uploading your poster presentation: no later than 13 September 2023, 23:59

Posters in the virtual platform

Posters can be viewed on our virtual platform. After logging in:

  • Press the tab VIRTUAL POSTERS at the upper part of the page
  • Find posters by title or ID number
  • You can filter your preferred topic by pressing Filter topics. You can also find them by using the Search bar.
  • After opening poster page, the image can be zoomed in by clicking it or choosing About tab

Instructions for moderators/session chairs

  • You are expected to lead the session and agree with the speakers how to organise the Q/A and discussion
  • Please do not forget to introduce the speakers to the audience
  • Follow the timing and agree upon how you will notify the speaker when time runs out
  • Prepare questions for speakers and involve the audience in the discussion. Attendees can ask their questions in person and via the virtual platform in the comments section and the assistant will pass them on to the session moderators

Other useful information